10 Best Selling Tumblr Themes / Website Templates 2015

Here are 10 of the Best Selling Tumblr Themes for 2015. These website templates are great if you’re not a website designer.This is because they are easy to install for any user, and they’re beautifully designed just like a designer would do for you, however you’re cutting the cost and time. In a nutshell, they can save you so much time, get you more visits to your blog & you are able to show your customers just from the design that you mean business. Let’s get started…

POPCASE – Tumblr Theme

First the POPCASE theme has over 930 sales so far and is only $12.
The theme has over 14 amazing features :

Image Slider
Image Upload
All Post Types Supported
Disqus Comments
Google Analytics
Social Share to Facebook, Twitter and Google+
… and many more

You also have included in the theme when purchased: Main file, Text file, PSD files and a help file. All of your HTML, CSS and Javascript are included in the Main file (index.html) which is very beneficial having everything in one file.

As for your browsers, it is compatible with: IE8, IE9, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome.




Pop Gallery Tumblr Theme

The Pop Gallery Tumblr Theme is great for creative minds. Trialed by myself, definitely worth the $32 if you want to showcase your portfolio in a cool and quirky way. It’s also great for photo galleries, handcraft shops and it also had the possibility to present distinct thumbnails for new, sold and reserved items. Overall it’s a beautiful and clean design with circular thumbnails.

With over 20 features to play with as well, do not judge a book by it’s cover and predict that just because it’s simply layout, that it can’t give you what you need, check them out:

Homepage and listing pages separate from single item page (not like most themes)
All post types supported
Circular thumbnails (optional)
Logo as an image
Infinite Scrolling (thumbnails page)
Pages and Ask form supported
Show Notes
Index page and tags page as a thumbnails list page
Customizable side navigation (tags)
Editable color scheme
… and many more

As you can see in the picture below, it’s also a great design if you want to showcase graphic designs for children’s sites or if you want to sell children’s clothes.




Timeline – Premium Tumblr Theme

The TIMELINE is a Premium Tumblr Theme that was designed to view your tumblr posts as timelines. This is a personal theme that’s suitable in use for people who have an active and enjoyable life. In my opinion, this theme is not fantastic for people who have an active lifestyle because when I think of an active lifestyle shown from a theme, I think of a grid – filled with posts, text captions, videos and so on… I also believe however this is for serious tumblers who don’t want a single post to be missed.

Theme Features:

All Tumblr Post Types Supported
Responsive Layout
Carousel Widgets
Wide Image Slider (toggle to show / hide)
Image Upload (Background, Favicon, Logo, Image Slider)
Social Share to Facebook and Twitter
Social Links (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Flickr, Dribbble, YouTube, Vimeo, Skype)
Day Pages Supported (useful for displaying posts by date)
Filter post type with tags (photo, photoset, video, audio, text, quote, chat, link, answer)
Twitter Feed Widget
… and many more




Incorporated – Tumblr Theme

The Incorporated tumblr theme hasn’t got much of a breath-taking description available just because it is so simple. However what it does offer are amazing features which work wonderfully in this certain theme:

New: Caption On Hover
New: Infinite Scroll
Two Post Sizes: Tag posts “large” to expand the post to two columns in width.
Sorting: Sort posts by up to six definable tags
iPhone Theme
Single Column Option
Liked Posts
Custom Photo Hover
Disqus Comments Ready
… and many more

If you’re already familiar with Tumblr & your tumblr generally looks like a cute stack of photos like mine, this thme will not be for you – especially if you’re like me and you’re hitting Tumblrs post limit every single day, this theme would not be for you.. but it sits nicely for writers and people who want to update every few days of the week.




Bloq – A Blocky Portfolio Theme for Tumblr

the Bloq tumblr theme is a stylish portfolio theme for Tumblr aimed at designers and creators. Bloq portfolio grid features two different layout modes: Masonry and Rows.

Bloq includes a touch optimized image slider, “Homepage Hero” and “Call to Action” sections, dark and light preset skins to get you started, and much more…!




Supple – A Portfolio Theme for Tumblr

The Supple theme – when I look at this theme I can’t help but think of piercings, ear stretchers and China for some reason. Although, I do see this theme with a person who loves to design illustrations, someone who loves crazy, bold and attention whether that may be aimed at their work or themselves, after all you have to stand out whatever you are good at in life!

Aside from my opinion, what we have here is a very versatile portfolio theme for Tumblr, aimed mainly at creatives: designer, illustrators, photographers, and any kind of visual artists.

Supple flexible portfolio grid lets you set the number of columns to display for different screen resolutions and devices. Additionally, you can set the grid gutter and the thumbnails proportions: landscape, portrait, square, and anything in between. Whoa.. we’ve just seen our first tumblr theme that is responsive, hallelujah!

Some of the features are:

Responsive layout—your portfolio looks great on phones, tablets and desktops.
Retina ready—Bloq uses a combination of HTML5 canvas drawings and webfont icons, looking great on any device and specially on high density displays.
Custom image logo—optionally with hover state and high resolution variations.
Touch optimized homepage slider—Bloq uses swipe.js, the most accurate touch slider. You can upload up to five images with their own caption and URL.
Unique portfolio grid with two different layout modes: Masonry and Segmented Rows. The last one is similar to the way Tumblr displays photosets natively
Dynamically load the next set of portfolio projects on the homepage with Ajax.
Ajaxified portfolio filter.
Ajaxified permalinks—load your project’s description without leaving the homepage.
Homepage Hero and Call-to-Action, to display a welcome message for your visitors and grab your users attention.
Collapsible widget area: the widget area on top can be toggled and re-positions to the right side on smaller screens.
Twitter, Flickr, Dribbble and Instagram feeds.
…and many more

Tumblr is more seen to this day as a larger version of Instagram – in my eyes, after spending 6 years there I see the same blogs every single day, no ones writing articles or posting videos everyone is just posting pictures that they like, and I think that is great! It’s great because WordPress is more of your serious blogging platform and you will tend to see the beauty bloggers dominating blogspot more than WordPress and Tumblr, so tumblr themes should be made more responsive like this one since we only have a unique little audience.




Litefolio – portfolio theme for Tumblr

The Litefolio tumblr theme was designed to give every user a “Clean and minimalistic” portfolio theme with jQuery slider for designers, photographers and illustrators.

The main features of this are very few compared to the rest of the themes we have shown you above, however they are still great and value for money!

Nivo Slider
Lean and semantic HTML 5 markup
CSS3 -enhanced
Custom typography – typefaces: Droid Serif & League Gothic
Stylish Twitter feed
Easily customizable
Quick Start guide
Theme Options

Even though the theme comes with very few features, you have 30+ theme options to choose from for easy customization. Besides the usual Tumblr options for switching theme colors and fonts, there are lots of additional possibilities – you can upload your own logo or background image, write your own intro text, upload images for the slider, and many more…




FLAT – Responsive Business Tumblr Theme

the FLAT tumblr theme is a minimal & clean multipurpose business theme for the blogging platform – Tumblr. It’s the second theme we’ve listed that is fully responsive and is designed for all devices and screen resolutions.

You can easily change the overall view of the theme
You can show or hide theme elements:
-image slider
-featured icon boxes
-module with text with button
-product box (long text + image)
– team
… and many more

You can also change colors for most of theme elements!

For the best start, you can view the well documented user guide file by clicking on the FLAT opening link above the first sentence to the FLAT theme description.

FLAT theme was inspired by Designmodo Flat UI – http://designmodo.com/flat-free/




Optic – A Responsive Masonry Tumblr Theme

The tumblr theme Optic is a responsive Tumblr theme perfect for any blog type featuring the Masonry jQuery plugin. Showcase your artwork with complete focus on each post.

Optic comes packed full of jQuery awesomeness and shows your posts in all their glory, just like any theme should to be honest! You can also pick colors for any part of the theme so you can fully customize it the way YOU want. Adding to that, you can also pick your favorite font from the Google fonts library and add it in using the themes options panel, very easy and straightforward procedure if you’ve not done this before.

Added bonuses, We love this! The themes only image is the logo and the images you post it’s completely CSS!

The designer of this theme states that you should resize your browser to see how it responds to your browser size, not so strong on the responsive side however you should always try this for yourself.




Gridly – Responsive Portfolio Template

Gridly is the perfect tumblog template for you to showcase your work or transform your blog.

Featuring a light & simple template that comes with lots of options & functions to show your content in style.

Also, this theme is fully responsive… YES!

Gridly supports all tumblr post types & has built in Disqus commenting support along with social sharing, brilliant for bloggers!

General Features

All Post Types Supported
Disqus Commenting
Supported by all major browsers
Custom CSS Support
Social Integration
Responsive Design
Infinite Scrolling
Advanced Post Filtering System

Post Features

Social Sharing
Disqus Commeting
Post Meta information




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