Adwords Structured Snippet Extension

Got something crucially important in your ad? Google are now giving their users more control and letting you highlight key features within your ads.


What you will see in the provided screenshot below in a second is how you will have more control. Essentially, Adwords are trying to get more users to advertise with them, and what better way to do so than having the control buttons over to each user?

With key features being enabled, users should be expecting: higher click through rates, more conversions, more visits and hopefully some sales.


Users who will be trying the new Adwords extension out will see the similar result above. Important values to each business will be selected such as product types, brands, amenities – all of which make sense for your campaign. Users will also be able to select the order of the values, as the majority of people class and assume that number 1 or “at the top” is the most important or the best.

Top Tip: Be careful not to duplicate what you’re highlighting in your ad. Google advises their users to use “call outs” in order to highlight what makes your business, products or services unique – what makes you stand out and why are you different? The new extension providing structured snippets, advises users to use this to highlight only a specific aspect of their business, products or services.

Structured snippets will be rolling out in accounts over the next couple of works and sadly, are only available in English at the moment.


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