Amazing Website Effects All Pure Code Free Download

Amazing website effects! All these effects are pure code and have a very small amount of images in them.

The first effect is a gem which moves using javascript. It changes colours as the animation takes effect. You can download all these effects at the bottom of the page.


Here is a css clock. For the fully animated effect click on the demo link.


Here is a javascript effect that looks like your traveling through space, check it out on the demo.

Great css3 now effect, check the demo out.

Hovering social effect using css3, see the demo.

This menu effect is like a game menu but built with javascript and css, check the demo out.

Beautiful weather animation built with css and javascript. It looks fantasic and its very clean and simple.



I am a freelance website designer, this is my blog website were I like to post freebie website templates and scripts and other cool useful stuff.

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