Best business in town? Make sure your customers find it. Advertise on Google with £75 free ad credit.

Google have just made every business owner a little happier on this gloomy Tuesday morning after the bank holiday, and have generously offered £75 free ad credit.

My expectations were something along this line, because it was only last week where Google was warning each business to go mobile-friendly or sacrifice their traffic, Google rankings and missed sales on Google Maps.

Whether you wanted to go mobile or not, Google didn’t really give you much choice – this is all part of more advertising and marketing for Google.. however, surely their is a catch…

There are certain limitations to vouchers, you can only use them if the account:
Is at least 14 days old.
You must also spend the first 25 in at most 30 days in order to receive the 75. Search for “adwords coupon policy” for more details.

You must spend the free adword expense in the first 30 days of activating the coupon. This is so you don’t save it for a prime example, the Christmas period where you know your business is probably at it’s peak, or any time that is right for you. The offer is limited though, so make sure you go and get your free £75 adword credit today! 🙂

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