Best Website To Buy Or Sell Your Domain Names


Most website designers have been in a situation where you need to sell a domain or a website, you might of heard of a few good places to get started? The main one for example
In this post I will give you the best places to sell domains in my opinion. An online domain marketplace is far easier to sell your domain on than just advertising it on twitter or facebook.

As we know there are now literally hundreds of websites to sell your domains on, but sometimes they just don’t work? Here is a list of website’s your should check out if you are interested in selling domains or selling entire websites.

Sedo is the world’s largest domain marketplace, you never really have a conversation with the seller but the process is simple and safe and 10% commission is reasonable. If you have a decent domain and you pay to get on sedo’s home page, your near enough guaranteed to sell you domain.

On Godaddy you can list your domain or domains as a premium auction and you can make quite a few sales to end users. Although Godaddy can be a good way to make quick sales, they take 30% commission.

Flippa is great place to sell domains and whole websites. I have personally sold a few website’s through Flippa and the process was quick and simple. Users have the chance to bid on your website or domain, but you can set the lowest price your willing to accept and the users never see that price! This is a great way to sell your domains and I recommend you to try it out.

Ive never used Afternic but I have heard that you can sell domains like their going out of fashion! The down side to Afternic from what ive heard is that there parking pages are quite horrendous and you never make any revenue through them.

One of the most reliable places to sell domains through is Domain Name Sales. I have sold at least 20 domain names using this system it’s very professional and no commissions. This is really were people enough using it, since it has no commissions it draws sellers in, such as my self.

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