Earth Day Quiz: Google’s 2015 Earth Day illustrates The Question “Which Animal Are You?”

Today’s Google Doodle serves up a search results page with an animal-themed personality quiz from – Yippee, making searching the net a little different for today only.


According to Google it’s Earth Day, and to mark the globally recognized event, Google’s doodle team has created an animated illustration that serves up an “Earth Day: Which animal are you?” quiz.

Sorry that I can’t show this for you but what you will see when you search on Google today is a rotating globe in front of an animal-themed Google logo, the Earth Day Doodle returns search results that list the Earth Day Network’s Footprint Calculator quiz at the top of the page:


I personally wasn’t aware it was Earth Day, yet what I love about the results picture which you can see above, their kind of highlighting a day to people who just love to be indoors infront of their computer screen – I love those days, so yes my answer was two If I must say: Rarely seen out & Alone in my burrow.

Google Doodle Team are always making amazing doodles and this one by far is my favorite!

Anyway, back to you… Once you find out which animal you are, you can share the quiz via your social networks or email, if you’re not happy with letting your ex know that on a Friday night you really sit “alone in your burrow” then you can even retake the quiz and let them know that you are out there strutting your stuff! Adding to that if that wasn’t for you, you can do a search for your designated animal – which, in my case, was a Mantis Shrimp! Very accurate if I may say so: Mysterious and beautiful, you’re not afraid to use your powerful claws to attack, stun and dismember prey, just kidding.

So what is Earth Day?

This date today – this was first observed back to 1970. Earth Day was founded to advance the efforts of the modern environmental movement, and is credited with helping push a number of U.S. environmental laws, including the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act and the Endangered Species Act. Something which in a nutshell, should be highlighted a lot more often that one day a year in my opinion.

According to the Earth Day Network’s website, the organization has more than 50,000 partners in 192 countries and the day is celebrated by more than a billion people worldwide, amazing right?

Google’s Earth Day Doodle is taking center stage all over the U.S., but also on each of Google’s international homepages across the globe, like us here in the UK!

Let us know what you got in your quiz! Happy Earth Day!


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