Facebook drag and drop chat head effect


Here is a facebook bubble chat effect built with css and javascript. This code is written using html jade and scss and abit of javascript. How convenient have you been finding the Facebook messenger app? It’s a lot more convenient to be able to message one another instead of going onto the Facebook app every time you get a new message or a reply – those days are long gone, thankfully. You are now able to play apps, listen to music, watch TV episodes and films on your device and still able to receive the messages through the app. Which means you can avoid closing everything you’re doing for the sake of checking if someone has messaged you back. The only down side to this? You’re not getting away from that “Sorry I have been really busy!” excuse because now Facebook messenger shows the user when you were last online, if you’re online now & if you have opened the message and not replied. So you’re probably wondering like me how it’s possible for Facebook to implement animations in their chat heads feature – now you can create your own identical one. Here, we have you covered with this nicely put together “chat head style animation” which has been designed with JavaScript, CSS, and html. It doesn’t exactly work fantastic on mobile, however there is potential optimizations to this, in the meantime… have a play around with it on the web and see if it’s for you!



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