Best Gadget Gifts For Christmas

Check out these amazing gadgets gifts all brought to you by Personally for Christmas I have just spent £70 with firebox and i can’t wait to give the gifts! I no they will just love them! You can get gifts such as a huge gummy worm or a portable phone charger! There is a lot of cool stuff so check them out! All this information was brought together by JustUKFreebies Connor Buckle.


Boil your kettle with your smart phone from anywhere in your house. Hot drinks are the mainstay, the backbone, the buttress, that vital spark, the very lifeblood of our existence. So imagine how perfect and complete life would feel if there was no longer that tiresome wait for the kettle to boil. This blissful paradise we’ve just described is now all too real, thanks to the iKettle – The World’s first WiFi Kettle.

Pebble Smartstick Charger

These days you just never know when you’re going to need a backup battery.

If you’re not being chased up a tree by a an amorous bear or falling down a mineshaft hunting for gold, you’re getting cornered by a mob of annoying socialites or hiding-out from the paparazzi… when suddenly, your phone dies.

Thankfully, with the Pebble Smartstick you’ll always have a backup charge. No bigger than a packet of polos, and featuring five different adaptor tips (and four flash colours), you’ll always be able to call for rescue/distractions/bear-lube.

Lifeproof for iPhone

iPhone cases come in all shapes, colours, sizes and smells. But how much protection do they offer your Apple gadget? Generally you can either choose a slim and stylish one that protects your mobile from scuffs and scratches; or you can choose a chunky and cumbersome one that makes your iPhone virtually bombproof. Those are the rules. And for years iPhone cases (and users) have abided by them. But we’ve found a case that’s set to change all that.

Bright Idea USB Lightbulb

Times have changed. Everyone sits at their computer these days, no one ever goes outside to come up with a good idea any more. So what could be better than an instant bright spark that plugs straight into your laptop.

Pickmaster Plectrum Punch 2.0

Guitar picks have been made from all sorts of things in the past – bone, shell, wood, metal, amber, ivory and even stone. Now you can add your old credit card to this list, with the Pickmaster Plectrum Punch v2.0.

Grippy Pad

Just like a tree frog’s amazing feet, the Grippy Pad will hold all sorts of things in place. And all without a single magnet, velcro strip, or sticky adhesive in sight.

You can pick up some great gifts for under £20 check them out here


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