How Find Good Domain Names With Links For SEO

The main reason you’re looking for expired domain names with links is for SEO. In my opinion these domains play a big part in the seo game and continue to work every time for me!

The first step I make when looking for domain names

Directory Hunting
I Google keywords such as “uk business directories” or “local business website listings” general keywords such as these should bring up tons of website directories.

Once you find a directory full of website links the next step is to run that directory through a broken link finding tool called Xenu.

You can download Xenu by clicking Here
I use Xenu to look for “no such host” domains this means in technical terms the name is not an official host name or alias, or it cannot be found in the database(s) being queried. This means there is a decent amount of probability that the domain is available for register. Once the Xenu has finished I will then Export it as a tab separated file and sort the no such host domains so they are in an order then I copy them from excel and paste them into notepad.

Bulk URL Cleaner Script
This script can be used to clean all the domains you have found using Xenu. This tool removes all the paths and www’s from the domains and just leaves the root.
Click here to download the Bulk URL Cleaner Script.

Bulk Domain Availability Checker
This next script is very useful and has been proven to be one of the most handy tools available when looking for domain names with links Bulk Domain Availability Checker. This tool enables you to find domain names which you can register and it also tells you the pagerank of the domain name at the same time.

Majestic Seo
Every domain hunter needs an Majestic seo account to view the links for domains. Once you have found the domains you want using the Bulk Domain Availability Checker you can use Majestic to bulk check the links for these domains. You will need a Majestic Seo account to do this. Here is the Majestic bulk link checker.

This method of domain finding has proven great for me personally. You can find lots of domains for clients and use the website’s you find to increase there organic traffic. I hope you have enjoyed this article and please comment below to let me know what you think.


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