How To Bulk Import And Export Magento Categories For Free


In this article we will show you how to install and use the script to bulk export and import Magento categories with ease.

How to export all the categories?

Download and install Magento import_categories Extension via the bottom of this post by following us on twitter 🙂

Once you have downloaded the zip file, open it and you will see 2 folders one called app and the other called skin. Simply drag these two folders into the root of your Magento install via ftp.

When your files have uploaded to your server login to the admin side of Magento then go to the Mageworks->Export. Then go to “Export Profiles” and click on the “Categories” link. Then go to the /var/export/category using an FTP program, you can view “categories.csv” file there.

How to import all the categories?

Find the csv file you exported using the script and upload the category.csv file to the /var/import/category folder via your ftp. To install the script read the export categories part above. To import the data navigate to Mageworks->Import. In the Import Profiles page click “Categories” link. After the script finishes executing you can see your categories in Magento. If not display reindex your product categories and clear Magento cache.



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