How To Play Games From The Google Play Store On Gear VR

In this article I will show you how you can play vr games that are available on the google play store on the gear vr. You can also watch videos on youtube and other internet videos using this method. This tutorial will show you how to play roller coaster games on the gear vr.

Download Package Disabler Pro

This app is a paid app from the google play store, this only cost about £0.90 I think. This is well worth the purchase as it will give you access to everything outside the oculus store.
The reason for downloading this application is this tool can disable a package called “Gear VR Service”. Disabling this package opens up a lot of possibilities. Usually when you put your Samsung device into the Gear VR it forces an Oculus application to open, disabling this package makes sure this doesn’t open. See the screenshot below to see how to disable the package.


Disable the Gear VR Service

Open the Package Disabler Pro application and search for “vr” you should see the Gear VR Service. If you tick this it will disable the oculus application from launching, meaning you can view any vr content you wish! The reason I decided to do this is because oculus do not have any roller coaster applications on there store but google play do. If you wish to use the oculus application again simply untick the service and it will work straight away without a reboot. Your device does not need to be rooted or changed in anyway to do this.

Disable Gear VR Service

Recommended Google Play VR Apps

I recommend you download the following apps from google play. I recently played Insidious VR with my cousins and this app made us all sweat! You wont be disappointed with this one, and its free! The second on I recommend is Roller Coaster VR, this is a great app to give you a swaying head and the feeling of being on a roller coaster.

VR Applications to download


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