No More Photo Cropping On Instagram

Tired of cropping your amazing photography on Instagram? Cry no more after the New Instagram


The majority of the population is on Instagram, and why the hell wouldn’t they be? Photographers are being credited and hired for their work, people are being paid to post and bloggers are exploding with success. Finally Instagram has caught on what potential their users have, and have finally launched a valuable update.

If you’re a regular Instagram user and you use your account for browsing, searching for Inspo or you just “re-gram” photos, this has probably never bugged you. However users who have been regularly uploading photos via their Instagram account have been restricted from day one to square photos. Talk about stripping the creativity.

Starting Thursday, the restriction will no longer exist. Users will be able to upload both Portrait AND Landscape photos and videos to their feed now. Meaning there will also be a few more options to choose from than just choosing different filters and lighting effects. A previous example of an uploaded photo to Instagram:

no more photo cropping on instagram

In the screenshot below, you can see the vast change in how users will be able to upload their photos. We definitely prefer the new option as stunning as the above picture is, the feel is more personal when the image is fully captured.

Instagram announced their new update on Thursday claiming “Anything with an aspect ratio between 1.91:1 and 4:5 will be supported from landscape to portrait”.


One of the noticeable flaws in the update was as you can see above; some users assumed that a “black background” came with the new photo – essentially ruining the clean feel of most users profile grids. This potential flaw was already over looked though beforehand and users can be assured that even if they were to start choosing to upload landscape photos, each post will appear as center-cropped square. Therefore, no more white space around photos!
If you’re not familiar with that term, Instagram photo editing apps have become very popular recently as users have been seeking ways to show their full images without cropping them. What came with those apps though were unnecessary white spaces around photos.
The updates will be available on both Android and iOS.


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