What Are The Highest Paid Keywords – Google Adwords

If you are looking for a way to increase your earnings from your advertising, then I have the perfect article for you right here.

I have put together a list from an Info Graph from Google Adwords featuring the highest paid keywords that are ranking the highest.

The top 20 keyword categories

(the percentages correspond to the number of keywords in the top 10,000 key words that belong to that category)

  1. Insurance – 24% / $54.91
  2. Loans – 12.8% / $44.28
  3. Mortgage – 9% / $47.12
  4. Attorney – 3.6% / $47.07
  5. Credit – 3.2% / $36.06
  6. Lawyer – 3% / $42.51
  7. Donate – 2.5% / $42.02
  8. Degree – 2.2% / $40.61
  9. Hosting – 2.2% / $31.91
  10. Claim – 1.4% / $45.51
  11. Conference Call – 0.9% / $42.05
  12. Trading – 0.8% / $33.19
  13. Software – 0.8% / $35.29
  14. Recovery – 0.7% / $42.03
  15. Transfer – 0.6% / $29.86
  16. Gas/Electricity – 0.6% / $54.62
  17. Classes – 0.5% / $35.04
  18. Rehab – 0.5% / $33.59
  19. Treatment – 0.3% / $37.18
  20. Cord Blood – 0.2% / $27.80

Sourced most expensive keywords

As you can see from the first top 10 keywords above, you will notice what the keywords above have in common. These are companies that deal with financing industries who manage large sums of money every day, therefore explaining how they got onto the list of the highest paid keywords.

I know like myself when you saw that list you probably thought “Education!?” (If you don’t pay for your schooling fees you won’t have had that reaction) Yet it just goes to show the growing expense that our education is costing.

How will these keywords increase my CPC?

Example: You know a lot about loans – share that knowledge with the world! You possibly have a degree in it, a masters and so on… Build a website/Blog where you can write everything that you know about loans and make sure you tag each post. Don’t go crazy with your tags (we’re getting into SEO (search engine optimization) now so I’ll stray off that topic whilst I can). Just be specific with your tags and make sure they match your content… once you set your Adsense up on that website/blog, if anybody clicks on your ads, you’re most likely to see insurance/lawyers that genre of ads and they pay the most – so it’s there if you want to get your knowledge out there.

If you have a website and you’re not using your tags, you are missing out on the chance to grab those high paying advertisements. High paying Ads don’t just land on your door step, sadly. Advertisers are bidding all the time on how much they’re willing to pay too get onto your website, therefore you are more likely to get paid more for CPC on your ad if you have great content (which is not stolen), your traffic is good & you use the highest paid keywords, or even great ones that rank the highest in your niche.

How will these keywords decrease my CPC?

Example: You write a blog about nature – you may have not seen any great improvements on your Adsense since you got it, but you’ve just found out you can increase your CPC by targeting certain keywords at your posts. Therefore you tag your posts about “quick and secure loans” instead of the name of the castle you are writing about.

If you have a blog/website and it’s doing great, do not tag your posts irrelevantly. Make sure your users are able to find you exactly by what they’re reading – you won’t just be fooling your users either. Google easily picks up on when you are misusing your keywords i.e. your post is about a healthy digestive system and all your tags turn into “van insurance” “holiday insurance” – completely irrelevant. It’s also bad for your website traffic & it can relate to a banned or suspended Adsense account, and your website/blog could end up in the black hole of Google rankings which is also known as the ( POST – Panda Attack)




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